Is Japanese food actually good? Or do I like it because I'm a former weeaboo?

Ichigo Daifuku in Asakusa. 

Just a short preface before I get down and dirty with the deets. I used to be a huge weeb with the used part meant to be taken lightly.  

For those of you who don't know what a weeaboo is, the dictionary definition of the term is: 

"Weeaboo is a mostly derogatory slang term for a Western person who is obsessed with Japanese culture, especially anime, often regarding it as superior to all other cultures."

You know those people who dressed up in Naruto headbands, the weird kid that stuck photos of their anime crushes in their binder, or that other weird kid who you found sitting on the carpet floor of the nearest dusty SunCoast reading manga before online manga was a thing— yep. You're currently on the blog of a former weeb. 

I just turned 25 and I really haven't gotten much better. I'm still into a lot of things that have creepy and downright god-awful fan bases (I'm looking at you BBC Sherlock), and I still watch anime when I'm able to sit still for two hours. 

But because of this background, I loved Japanese shit a lot. I loved the culture and the food and the traditions. Eventually the worshiping fizzled down in early high school. 

Eventually, I got into other things, and began liking other food, and Japan just became one of those places I always wanted to travel to, but no longer had the incessant need to. 

Time skip to July 2018, where itchy feel finally won and I impulsively booked a round trip from SFO to Narita. 

I'm in this weird awkward phase in life (lol when am I not) where I have enough money and stability to travel, but I also don't make enough to do it luxuriously. My first big girl international trip was in Taiwan, where me and five other friends bummed it on a one person apartment that didn't have a kitchen. So yea, for Japan, it's definitely easy to budget if you're desperate enough. 

However, all my friends know me as that person who drops money for food, so of course, the first thing that graced my palate had to be an exquisite and rare Family-Mart Chicken from the fried section in the front of the cash register. 

Here's another thing about me. People think just cause I run a food Instagram, everything I put in my mouth has to be a Michelin meal. To debunk that, for my 22nd birthday I went to Taco Bell, ordered a dozen tacos, ate quite a lot, then passed the fuck out. Still no RAGrets homie. 

My palate has no high end taste, it just likes whatever it likes. And it has a deep infatuation with crunch-wrap supremes. 

Anyways, I've traveled to a good number of places, but hands down Japan takes the cake for the best food. And no, it doesn't have to do with even being a partial weeb. 

It was the convenience, the quality, the fact that you could eat at a 7-11 and actually have a better meal than you would have in America. 

Tell me a time you went to a 7-11 in rural America and weren't scared of using the bathroom. Now imagine Japan, with immaculate toilets in every corner store, and I swear that somehow helps in making your food experience better. 

And the fruit, the goddamn fruit. I'm not gonna lie, the fruit is a bit expensive there, but I feel personally lied to for a good 23 years of my life when trying Japanese fruit. It's just a whole otherworldly experience. 

You know that kid in college that wouldn't shut up about weed changing his life the first time he took that bong rip? That was me, but with Japanese strawberries. The yellow daifuku I ate (pictured above) was nice and all, but that strawberry was the true star of the dessert. 

If I have any advice to give when it comes to food in Japan, just eat anything and everything. I don't think I tasted food I was actually disappointed in. It's always the right balance of not too salty, not too sweet, not too fishy, delicious, and probably better than anything you can get around here. Even the low priced food was more quality than I'm used to and I think that's what really made the trip. 

Maybe my nostalgic love for sweet Nihongo did fuel my review of the food there, or maybe it's just that good. 


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