Am I a bad Filipino for not liking the cuisine? Probably.

On August 13, 1994, my mom began that god awful arduous journey of pushing out of my birth canal, sans epidural.

She still gives me shit about it to this day.

Out popped a 6 - 7 lb baby, born in Lipa City Batangas, famous for their Lomi (which I don't enjoy), and their Kapeng Barako (which I actually do enjoy but doesn't do jack for me).

I was born and raised as your typical semi-asian amercican, gaining receptive bilingualism and also the stark knowledge of toxic asian family dynamics.

I was never really fond of Filipino food, the flavors just didn't do it for me. I think it was one of those cases of you eat it all the time and you're kinda tired of it.

Sure lumpia is great,  but who doesn't like fried meat tucked neatly in those eggroll wrappers. Jollibee was aight. Canned corned beef... meh.

It's all very over salted/ over seasoned/ and somehow still lackluster, but this is a heavy preference on my part.

I'm around people who go batshit for Filipino food, where the tamarind broths and fried foods taste like home, and love, and tita's gossiping over merienda.

But one thing that I would never ever in a million years turn down, is this bad boy right here:

Kare-Kare from Kuya's 
Link to restaurant's YELP here

This concoction of tender ox-tail, bokchoy, green beans, eggplants, and more peanut sauce than what's probably healthy for you is to this day one of my top five dishes.

Like many Filipino dishes, the origin of Kare-Kare is unknown, but many speculate it's conception in Pampanga. It's hearty and cholesterol filled, served with a side of shrimp paste to add high blood pressure to your already clogged heart.

Maybe I like it so much since I have an affinity for curry dishes. The less viscous something is, the more I gravitate to it.

The term Kare-Kare is actually derived from the word "curry". Of course, it's far different in taste from Indian, Japanese, or Thai curry, but I guess that's the beauty of food. Different locations use different ingredients and spices, connecting cultures while making each dish culturally stand out on its own.

So if you're looking to get your proverbial feet wet into so fine Filipino dining, order this.

If you're allergic to peanuts, stay very, very, far.


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