Life is too short to not eat & drink well

These words were decorated on the walls of the Eataly located in MSC Meraviglia. The giant boat took me across the Mediterranean Ocean, from Genoa to Spain, making it one of the most memorable trips I've ever set foot on.

Sounds romantic right?

Sure it was. Just me, the endless ocean...

and 40 other employees and their spouses in tow.

My eyes landed on this particular quote only because they needed to land on something else besides the broken wine glass that lay in front of me that may or may not have been my doing.

People have their quotes to live by, and this one became mine.

I've always loved everything about food. Beyond the five basic tastes, food has always been a way to connect with people, other cultures, different periods in life, and so much more. You could eat breakfast in a different country and know so much about the life and habits of these locals that don't speak the same language as you, and on a smaller scale you can know so much about a person psychologically depending on their dietary habits. It's insane on how much information you can pull, but at the same time, we shouldn't be that surprised because food has always been a catalyst in bringing people together.

Well... I've nerded out enough. But if a conversation like this piques your interest, I would be more than happy for you to get excited with me.